Christmas Eve..Eve.. :)

Well tomorrow is Christmas Eve..  This Christmas came a lot faster than the Christmas last year, that is for sure.

2008 was a rough year for my family, and I am glad it is almost over with.  My Father had a stroke early in February, and it was a life changing event for us.  He had to under go an unbelievable amount of therapy, rehabilitation, vocal coaching, etc.  He had to learn how to walk again, cook for himself, etc.   He is doing better now.  He has 70% use of his right leg, 100% of his left leg, and about 30% use of his right arm.  He made a miraculous recovery as the doctors thought he many never use his leg again.  But he pulled through.

The stock market, housing market, and general rut the country is in has caused us a lot of grief as well.  Quite a number of our friends and family have been affected by the downturn in the economy.  People have lost their jobs, had their careers slow down, and caused added stress on their families.

Sharon and I also had issues with losing a pregnancy a few months ago as well.  Our friends and family were very supportive, but it still is a great sadness for Sharon and I.  Most of our friends have had kids within the last year, and we were hoping to join the crowd.  We are praying every day that God blesses us with a healthy child and that we can bring them up with good values and morals.

It has been a little over four years since my last surgery for Crohn’s Disease.  That was an awful time for Sharon and I.  It was about six months before my wedding, I had just started a new job, and we were trying to plan out our life.  I have made a good recovery, but have had lots of lasting side effects from the surgery that try to get in my way.  I have overcome them all, and continue to work hard, travel weekly, and provide for my family.  I am so glad those days are behind me, and I pray every night to not have to have any additional surgeries for this awful condition. 

I have a feeling that 2009 is going to be a good year.  I pray for the health of our friends and family, and hope that we can all grow closer to the Lord and each other as the year progresses.  Our friends in our bible study have been great to get to know of the last couple of years and they are great people to be friends with.  Everyone in our group is kind hearted, caring, honest, and always there to lend support to those in need.

Sharon, my Mom, Sharon’s Mom and little Sister, and I are all going to the Stonecreek Church Christmas Eve service tomorrow.  Afterwards, we are going to have a nice dinner with Ham, mac and cheese, fresh baked bread, mashed potatoes, etc.   Then we are going to head over to Sharon’s Aunt and Uncles house where we will all get together to exchange presents and read the story of the birth of Jesus.  Who cares about Santa, Jesus is the real and only reason to celebrate Christmas.  It is sad that Santa (a myth) gets ten times the amount of attention as Jesus does.  But such is life I guess. 

Sharon and I are going to put together our New Years resolutions for savings goals, personal goals, etc before the New Year begins.  We have done a good job this year with our goals, but next year we should do a lot better, especially with budgeting money per month and saving more. 

We are thankful for our friends and family, our health, our jobs, and all the blessings Jesus has given to us and our friends and family.

Looking forward to a Merry Christmas with our families.


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