Baby is almost here!

Baby ParkerOk, now that I have achieved the world record for the time elapsed between blog posts, I can finally get back to writing something on here.

Sharon is coming up on 40 weeks of pregnancy and still no baby.  Her doctor told us that they don’t induce until after the 41st week!  So if he doesn’t come on his own, we will have to hang in there for another week and a half before he can be induced.

I have been working from home for the last week and a half, and haven’t traveled for my job since the end of August.  I wanted to be close by in case the baby comes early.  It would be horrific to get the call from Sharon that said “It’s time” and have me be in one of the 12 states that I cover frantically trying to get home in time to witness my son’s birth. 

My company has been very generous to us, and has let me take off two weeks after our baby comes with pay by using my sick time.  So that will give me a chance to spend time with Sharon and Parker and make sure Sharon is doing well for a couple of weeks with the baby before I have to travel again. 

Sharon and I hired a photographer to do a photo shoot in late September to photograph the baby in his first couple weeks of life.   She is a very talented photographer and I know the pictures will come out great. 

I am really looking forward to being a Dad.  I am very excited to welcome my son into the world and spend lots of time with him.  I am also very proud that he will carry on the Christiansen name.  I was the last Christiansen, but now Parker will be.  Very cool!

Sharon and I have been taking walks together every night to help her with the discomfort of being pregnant.  It is very nice to see her still getting around very well, and not having any swelling, joint problems, or back issues as a lot of pregnant women tend to get.   She has done very well with this pregnancy, other than the sickness in the first trimester, but that is normal.

I will do a lot better job of keeping this blog up to date. After all, I will have a new baby within a couple of weeks to write about.  That is going to be such a special gift for Sharon and I.


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